Family Associations

In their mission to educate their children within the home, parents are encouraged and free to unite together to form or join Catholic associations with parents of like mind to support one another in living the Catholic faith and to foster chastity in marriage and family life. Sharing personal experiences, forming friendships, developing chastity formation aids, and helping to educate other parents to fulfill their rights and duties in forming their children in purity and holiness are an important part of building up a culture of life and civilization of love.

The Importance of Family Associations to Assist Parents

Forming or joining Catholic associations of parents is a viable means to both defend the family against damaging forms of sex education and to promote true Catholic chastity formation assistance to other parents to give them confidence and support in educating their children.

It is recommended that parents associate with other parents, not only in order to protect, maintain or fill out their own role as the primary educators of their children, especially in the area of education for love, but also to fight against damaging forms of sex education and to ensure that their children will be educated according to Christian principles and in a way that is consonant with their personal development.

A Blessing and Means of Support

Family associations, especially associations of family prayer, will support parents in living and defending the Catholic faith within the family and enable these families to be a beacon of light and hope in the midst of a culture of impurity and death. Associations at the parish level will help parents, and those called to marriage, to fulfill their mission of responsible procreation and education within the home, according to the teachings of the Church.

The blessings and benefits of participating in family associations are many. Families united together in the true faith create a wholesome environment, positive socialization, and offer better role models for their children. Children and young people will be provided with a better peer influence, so that chaste friendships, honorable courtship, and holy marriages can develop.

Family associations help parents to be more vigilant, communicate with one another, and take concerted action regarding the use of mass media in their homes, schools, and communities as well as find strength in numbers to take action in defense of purity. Parents can organize to protect and defend their rights and duties as primary educators within educational institutions and fight against destructive forms of sex education.

The Mission to Love

Most importantly, family associations help parents fulfill their mission of love, to lead their spouse and family to holiness and eternal life with God. Especially at the parish level, family associations help all family members deepen their participation in the sacramental, liturgical, and devotional prayer life of the Church enabling them to grow in grace and in the supernatural virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

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