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Belief in Jesus’ Real Presence (in the Holy Eucharist) has been handed down by the Apostles to the early Church Fathers; and from the early Church Fathers to ordained bishops and priests in the Catholic Church to this very day; 2,000 years of constant witness to Jesus’ words, “Do this in memory of Me.”

Even so, many people today simply do not believe...

The Real Presence Project reveals how the Eucharist is prefigured in the Old Testament and becomes reality New Testament, what the early Church believed and how they worshiped, and backs everything up with evidence from Church approved Eucharistic Miracles that have been independently verified by scientific research and analysis.
The Real Presence Project

The Real Presence Project

In this 48 minute Faith Minutes program, we show how 7 Key Concepts all confirm the truth about Jesus Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist. They are:

1. God’s Word is reality;
2. Faith is necessary to believe;
3. Jesus teaches and defends His Real Presence in John’s Gospel, Chapter 6;
4. The OT sacrifice prefigured the NT sacrifice;
5. The OT priesthood prefigured the NT priesthood;
6. The Apostles, early Church Fathers and all Christians believed in Jesus’ Real Presence;
7. Official Church teachings from the time of the Apostles until today confirm the universal truth about Jesus’ Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.
The Real Presence Project Preview

Lanciano, Italy

The first Eucharistic Miracle that we'll examine is Lanciano, Italy where in the year 750 A.D., a priest celebrating Mass doubted whether the bread and wine really became the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

As he said the words of consecration—this is My Body and this is My Blood—he saw the host turn into Flesh and the wine turn into Blood. Everyone present at the Mass saw it too! And, after nearly 1300 years, the Flesh and Blood are still unchanged to this very day!

The Real Presence Project Preview

Buenos Aires, Argentina

On August 15, 1996, a consecrated Host fell to the ground during the distribution of Holy Communion. Father Pezet, the parish priest, put the Host into a vessel of water, placed it in the tabernacle and waited for it to dissolve according to Church directives.

When he opened the tabernacle 11 days later, the Host had not dissolved. Rather, several red stains appeared on the Host that increased in size every day. So Father Pezet met with Archbishop Bergoglio of Buenos Aires and explained what happened. For some unknown reason, the Archbishop waited until 1999 before giving his approval, with permission from the Church in Rome, for a scientific investigation headed by Professor Ricardo Castanon Gomez.

The Real Presence Project Preview

Tixtla, Mexico

The parish of St. Martin of Tours was holding a spiritual retreat for its members when, during the distribution of Holy Communion, one of the consecrated Hosts began to bleed.

Three years later, the Bishop of Tixtla ordered an investigation and invited Dr. Ricardo Gomez to head up a scientific study to verify the event.

Dr. Gomez was selected because he also led the scientific investigation of two miraculous Hosts that bled in Buenos Aires in 1996. The conclusions of his three year study were that the reddish substance contained hemoglobin and DNA of human origin.

The Real Presence Project Preview

Sokolka, Poland

During Mass on October 12, 2008, while giving communion to the faithful, the parish priest unknowingly dropped a consecrated Host on the floor. A woman who was about to receive the Eucharist pointed it out to him.

According to Church protocol, the Host was placed in water and stored in a safe place. The reason the consecrated Host is placed in water is that Jesus remains present in the Eucharist, under the appearance of the bread, until the appearance of bread has been dissolved in the water.


Recommended Uses

Here are 5 suggested ways that you, or those dear to you, can benefit from watching The Real Presence Project video!

Pre-Sacramental Study & RCIA Courses
The Real Presence Project explains, in a simple and easy-to-understand way, why the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian Faith.

First Communion
Jesus' Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist is the very foundation of our Faith. The Real Presence Project can be an invaluable tool to help communicate that truth to our young people

Religious Education & CCD
Viewing The Real Presence Project in Religious Education and CCD classes can be an effective way of reinforcing or deepening our children's faith in the Holy Eucharist

The New Evangelization
This is an excellent way for you to participate in the New Evangelization of the Family. Why not invite a family member or friend to watch this video with you today! Or better yet, give them a DVD as a gift, then meet with them at a later date to answer their questions

Parish & Adult Formation
Statistics show that many Catholics, even those who attend Mass regularly, do not believe that Jesus is present in the Holy Eucharist.

The Real Presence Project can deepen the faith of those who do believe and enlighten those who have doubts. Why? Because evidence is found in Sacred Scripture to support this belief, all of the Apostles and early Church Fathers believed, and more than 150 Church approved miracles confirm that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

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